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As purveyors of hospitality, the opportunity to travel comes rarely to our family, so we do our best to make the most of anytime we are able to get away for a few days. Whenever we visit a new place, we look for things like good food, a comfortable place to stay, local attractions and special events and programs. And since these things are important to us in our travels, we try to provide ways for you to experience them during your stay in Appomattox.

Comfortable rooms are important, but so are on-site diversions if you want to relax somewhere else without going too far. Downstairs, we have a parlor complete with books and board games where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a glass of Virginia wine. Our front porch and balcony are also great places to unwind when the weather is nice. Guests also enjoy walking the grounds and finding little surprises like our strawberry patch and outdoor games!


Local wines and good, fresh food is a great treat when we travel. You can find both right here at the Babcock House! With seasonal menus and local products (sometimes VERY local), we believe the best food is prepared simply and presented honestly. We take pride in crafting everything from scratch on-site, even growing most of our herbs and a lot of our produce right here on the property. We love to partner with wineries and breweries nearby in order to offer you the best tastes of Virginia.


Having a little educational content on a vacation is great whether you have kids or not. Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Virginia has a host of great historical sites to visit, from the first settlements on the East coast to Revolutionary and Civil War sites. Here in Appomattox, you can visit the McLean House and see where the treaty was signed that effectively ended the Civil War.


Another thing we look for is special events or festivals happening around our destination. In Appomattox, we enjoy Artisan Festivals at least twice a year, a Lavender Festival in June and Railroad Festival in October. We also look forward to theater season! Check out our events page for all the details and see below for quick day trip itineraries.

Virginia travel theater
“Cabaret” by Wolfbane Productions

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