It’s Time to Plan a Trip!

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Christmas decorations have been put away and the New Year has been rung in. I am not usually one for resolutions, but I do love to plan a trip. The anticipation of things to come is a great way to shake off the cold, gray days of winter.

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100% of chefs I polled this morning during breakfast service said that their favorite thing about planning a trip is having someone else (read: me) do it. Before moving to Appomattox, I worked in an office that did not allow you to schedule vacation time until after the New Year. So every year on January 2nd, I was ready with my request in hand, trying to make the most of the long weekends when I knew we’d already be getting a holiday off. With clever use of our two weeks of PTO, I could create lots of mini vacations around days like Columbus and President’s Day. I even planned our wedding in order to take advantage of Memorial Day for future anniversaries! How the universe laughs at me for that now that we own and operate a bed & breakfast.

At any rate, long weekends are a great gift to those who are blessed to receive them and a wonderful opportunity to get away and see something you’ve never seen or revisit a charming experience from the past. Appomattox is an often-over-looked destination that holds many hidden jewels, eager to be discovered.┬áSo, what will you need to get here?


I know road trips can be tedious if you have kids in the car or just like to stretch your legs frequently. Depending on the direction you’ll be traveling, Virginia is full of wonderful stops along the way. Check out Nelson County for example. Just north of us, there is a huge stretch of wineries and breweries, many with family friendly restaurants and events throughout the year. There is also a wealth of history all around us, from pre-Revolution to Civil War to Civil Rights sites! Some of these are part of the National Park system and some are privately owned. If a hike is more your speed, we have four Virginia parks in our immediate vicinity, but 38 more all around the state!

Sometimes going on a trip by yourself is the most relaxing time you can have. Remy thinks one of the best things about planning a trip is bringing someone along! Whether you’re riding solo, with your sweetheart or bringing the whole family, there is something for you in Appomattox. Packing for everyone can be a challenge, but we have you covered if you forget something! We can even help you find a place for Fido to stay nearby if you don’t want to leave him home. And with a variety of events happening all through the year, there is sure to be something to keep you busy.


Coming up soon, we have Wolfbane Productions’ Murder Mystery Dinners, always popular and always sold out early! You can get tickets when you book a room with us…while they last. Right after that, it’s Valentine’s Day. Check out our special menu here.

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Dining Room

Our restaurant is open Wednesday – Sunday and is always serving up wonderful, homemade food. And by homemade, I mean everything is made from scratch except the bread and cheese! Chef Charles was voted Best Local Chef for the second year in a row by “The Burg”, so you don’t want to miss having a meal with us when you visit. We will be doing our first Wine Dinner on April 5th this year in collaboration with Hunting Creek Vineyards and will create a Facebook event for that as soon as the menu is completed. We will also be doing our special buffets for Easter and Mother’s Day. These are all great chances to turn an event or holiday into a mini vacation, an excuse to get away for a few days.


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Lastly, for now, I’ll mention the main stage shows coming up this year from our friends at Wolfbane Productions. Like the Murder Mystery, tickets can be obtained when reserving your room with us. Every show I have ever seen done by this company has been amazingly fabulous and fabulously amazing. You could do worse than Dinner and Show one night with some local history or nature the next day after a stay in a cozy bed & breakfast, but I’m not sure you could do better on your trip to the heart of Virginia.

(Don’t miss the chance to save a few dollars by booking our non-refundable rate if your plans are solid. Also remember, it’s always cheaper to book directly with us!)

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