What you should know before visiting a Bed & Breakfast

Hi! My name is Remington and I am the innkeeper at the Babcock House. We have been keeping very busy here in Appomattox this past month, hosting guests from all over.

Several of them have mentioned that we are their first bed & breakfast experience.  How honored we are!  We made inquiries into how it was different than they expected and I thought it would be helpful to compile a list for anyone else considering their first stay in a B&B. Here we go….

  1.  We live here!  This can mean a lot of different things.  First, we, the owners/innkeepers are almost always on premises to meet any needs you may have.  We love getting to know our guests and helping them to make the most of their stay in Appomattox.  Second, while operating a business in our home is great in many ways, we do need to maintain boundaries around our personal time and space.  We will let guests know if we plan to be off the property and we keep a business phone with us in case our guests have any pressing needs while we are away.
  2. We care about our guests.  If we are expecting you to check in, but you have not contacted us about running late, we will wait up and worry…and occasionally doze off in the process.

    Please call if you are exceptionally delayed or your plans have changed and you no longer intend to stay with us.

  3. We do not have a front desk or receptionist.  How could this affect you?  Well, if you call us much past 9:00 pm, you may get a groggy answer on the other end because we likely got out of bed to answer the phone. Additionally, guests arriving after 9:00 pm will have to make special arrangements to find their keys in some concealed location outside. After all, we need to be up early to prepare breakfast!
  4. Breakfasts can mean a lot of different things, depending on the B&B.  At ours, we offer freshly ground coffee or hot tea, juices, a plate or bowl of fruit and a hot entree.

    We are happy to accommodate any allergies or preferences, but it is much better to know about them before Daddy has the food in the pan at breakfast time. #whoforgottoaskaboutdietaryrestrictions?!

  5. Yes, you will have a private bathroom.
  6. We wear many hats.  Chances are good we will be bustling around busy with something, but we are doing it all for you! Please do not hesitate to ask for anything you need while staying with us. 

    I do hope this list answers any questions you may have had. Of course, the only way to sate all curiosity is to take that last step and ….book a reservation.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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  1. Sharon Rossman-Ralph says:

    We love the Babcock House. The owners are AWESOME, the accommodations are clean and nice AND the FOOD is AMAZING. If you get the chance, book a room and relax.
    Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Chrylann x Deck says:

    What a nice welcome before out stay. Thank you for a glimpse at your family and how things work there.

    1. Talia says:

      You’re so welcome! We look forward to having you.

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