Preparing for Easter


Today I decided to put the rope swing up for our guests to enjoy. I had to climb the pecan tree in the back yard and tie two tight knots to the biggest limb from which the swing would hang. Then I needed to test the swing to make sure it was safe. Guests must never be in danger due to shoddy rope work. As usual, my brother was absolutely no help.

Tomorrow I plan to finish painting the private dining room. I stripped the wallpaper last week. I’m hoping light yellow walls, a few mirrors and some china plate art will go a long way to brighten up the room. Didi really wants to be able to utilize it more often for small catering events or larger dinner reservations. She is free to dream, but I seem to be the only one doing the work.

She says I have to get it all ready in time for the Easter bunny to come visit. It’ll probably be like years past though: he’ll only come when I’m asleep. I will never actually get to meet this alleged gift-toting rabbit. I wonder why he only comes after I’m asleep. Maybe he has a day job that he keeps to put food on the table for his warren, but then pursues his passion after dark…stealing into homes and leaving treats packed in festive fake grass. Or in my case, books…are all the children so lucky?

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