Making guests comfortable

This has been one of our busiest weeks at the inn.  I have had to wear many hats while also relying heavily on our dedicated staff to keep up with all the work to be done.  In order to get rooms ready, I needed to do quite a bit of cleaning from wiping down furniture to mopping floors.  Our housekeeper has trained me well in her methods.  We also set up our deck this week to provide the opportunity for outdoor dining to our restaurant guests.

In the meantime, the garden is really beginning to flourish even though the danger of frost still looms.  As much as I would enjoy spending all my time out in the sunshine, I know I must leave most of the yard work to our faithful groundskeeper.  Although, I did take a few minutes to help turn over some flower beds and put a couple potted plants together for the front porch.  I cannot wait until I am free to plant some new things and get some hanging arrangements for the outdoor seating areas.  Didi says after mid-April, it will be safe to do so.

In the end, though, none of this is about me; it is about my guests and making sure they are comfortable and feel completely welcomed. This could mean something different for everyone.  Some like to go their rooms and keep to themselves.  Some require a little more attention and care. Most just like getting to know me and the family, hearing our story and the history of the house.  Either way, it is my job to put them at ease and let them truly believe that my home is theirs for as long as they are here.

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