History of the Babcock House

It is believed that the front five rooms of the Babcock House were built in 1884 by Samuel Patterson Coleman, Jr. Subsequently the house was owned by the Abbitt family. In 1908, the property was sold at public auction to H.C. Babcock for the price of $1,815.00.

Adding the rooms to the rear of the original five, the Babcocks used the house as a family dwelling and boarding house until it was converted to a Bed and Breakfast in 1996.

Commercial Portraits - The Babcock House

The Babcock House was the boyhood home of nationally known author, Dr. Havilah Babcock. Dr. Babcock was for many years head of the English Department of the University of South Carolina. His stories appeared in leading outdoor magazines including Field and Stream, Sports A field, Outdoor Life, Hunting and Fishing and Outdoors.

Dr. Havilah Babcock books included My Health is Better in November, Tales of Quails ‘n Such, Jaybirds Go To Hell on Friday, I Don’t Want to Shoot an Elephant, The Best of Babcock, and The Education of Pretty Boy.

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