Packing for a Virginia Winter Retreat: Essentials for a Cozy Stay

There’s something undeniably charming about a cozy winter getaway. As the sun sets earlier and the chill is in the air, the magic of Central Virginia truly begins to show

At the Babcock House, you’ll find the perfect location for a warm winter retreat. Nestled in the heart of historic Appomattox, Virginia, it’s an alluring destination for an enchanting cold weather escape. Luxury, relaxation, and incredible scenery—what more could you ask for?

In this article, we’ll share the highlights of Babcock House that you should be looking forward to in your winter stay, as well as some tips on how to prepare.

Getting Ready for Your Cozy Winter Escape

Picking the Right Destination

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already made your choice in destination—or at least, you’re leaning towards one: namely, the Babcock House.

Consider your ideal winter holiday: is it snowy, or warm? Do you prefer indoor activities, or getting out in nature?

For those staying at the Babcock House, you can enjoy historical charm, modern luxury, and a touch of quaint beauty in the town of Appomattox. While it certainly isn’t the North Pole, we do get an occasional dusting of snow over the winter!

If you decide to stay with us, we welcome you with open arms and southern hospitality—inviting you to explore the serene charm of Central Virginia.

What to Pack

Preparing for the Central Virginia Winter

Central Virginia is a region that truly offers four distinct seasons when it comes to climate. Come winter, temperatures can hover in the 30s (Fahrenheit) with occasional rain or snowfall, so it’s important that you pack accordingly.

Bring sweaters, scarves, coats, and other cozy accessories to layer up. Include versatile outfits and footwear to keep you both warm and stylish on your winter getaway.

Dressing in layers is a smart idea, as you can add or remove them as necessary. Also, a peacoat or other sharp-looking jacket is a great, versatile option for a dinner out followed by a nighttime stroll.

Don’t get caught unprepared in the snow or rain, either! Pack an umbrella and a waterproof jacket and footwear.

Cozy Night In Essentials

Cozying up in your room at the Babcock House is an experience you’ll want to make the most of—so don’t forget your favorite slippers and loungewear. You won’t need to worry about packing a robe, because we provide you with plush robes for comfort and convenience. After all, winter evenings are meant for pure relaxation and unwinding.

For entertainment, we recommend a good book perfect for curling up in bed. You can either buy a new romance novel from Baine’s Books & Coffee or, even better, take advantage of our in-house library. Additionally, we offer a variety of board games and puzzles to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Part of the joy of a winter getaway is capturing the magic to reflect on later. So, bring a camera and a travel journal and create some lasting winter memories.

Experiencing the Local Charm

Itinerary for a Winter Day Trip

Maximize your stay by taking a [LINK day trip article] day exploring the sights [/LINK] in and around Appomattox. From boutique shopping in Richmond to culinary delights right at the Inn and nearby in Lynchburg or Charlottesville, there’s plenty within reach of a leisurely afternoon drive.

Outdoors lovers will find plenty of natural beauty in the region, with many parks and trails perfect for a scenic walk. In Lynchburg, paths along the James River Heritage Trail offer picturesque river views, historical sites, and bridges perfect for a wintry photo op.

If you’re opting for an outdoor excursion, don’t forget to bring your boots, a hat, wool socks, and a waterproof jacket for warmth.

Historical Sites and Local Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Appomattox with a visit to the American Civil War Museum and a theater performance by Wolfbane Productions.

There’s plenty to do for couples seeking a romantic experience, too. Take a winter hike at Holliday Lake State Park or plan a spa day at Geneses Salon & Spa, followed by an indulgent in-room massage at the Babcock House.

Eat & Drink

Local Restaurants

After all that exploring, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite. Savor the local cuisine with gourmet dining right at the Babcock House, or take a short trip to nearby Lynchburg to enjoy dinner at Shoemakers American Grille.

Craft Beer

Central Virginia has a wealth of quality craft brewing establishments. Check out Loose Shoe Too Brewing, a local gem in Appomattox, for a taste of some of the finest the region has to offer. With 14 beers on tap, there’s one suited to every palate.


For those who enjoy luxury, relaxation, and a touch of historical charm, a winter retreat in Central Virginia is the perfect way to experience all three. The Babcock House, with its cozy rooms and warm hospitality, makes for the perfect starting point for your next winter adventure.

Embrace the allure of Central Virginia in the winter season and create memories you’ll cherish for years. Book your stay with us at the Babcock House today!

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