Shopping in the Heart of Virginia


“Shopping therapy”…I have heard this term and have yet to understand what it means. I like going to the Visitor’s Center on Main Street because the nice ladies there let me play with their train set. But Mama takes me along with her when she goes into the shops, so I suppose I know a fair amount about them for anyone who is interested. Most places we go, we can walk to from the Babcock House!

One place I really like is Baines Books & Coffee. They have a section just for kids that has a little reading nook and all kinds of little instruments. That’s my favorite spot. They also have books, music and instruments for grown-ups. Mama and I spend time here hanging out with friends either downstairs or upstairs where there is more room. Sometimes there is live music and she says they have the best coffee in town! It smells okay to me, but she always says I wouldn’t like it when I ask to try some.

On the same side of the street, you’ll find That’s Too Cute Boutique. Mama has taken me in here a few times and always seems to find something she likes. They just opened a second side to their store that includes kids’ stuff, so maybe I’ll find it more interesting the next time we go. Before all they had were ladies’ clothes and jewelry. They specialize in custom embroidered things like monograms on bags and Mama keeps saying, “They really are too cute.”

Across the street is a store called Country Charm. There are a lot of neat things in there, but I am not allowed to touch any of them. There are decorations they make right there in the shop for all the seasons, southern-themed clothing and souvenirs. They even have ice cream to enjoy while you walk or on their little porch!

Continuing our tour down Main Street, Appomattox, we arrive at Local APX Market. They specialize in local artisans, baked goods, organic produce and meats. Available as an venue space as well, they play hosts to all kinds of events from Wolfbane’s Beers & Ballads in March to the upcoming War Horses Derby Day.

Right next door, we start getting into the antique shops, another place where I’m not allowed to touch anything….even though they have really cool vintage toys sometimes! Life is so unfair. When you head up Church Street, you’ll find the Appomattox Gallery, Antiques & Treasures and Backstreet Antiques. You’ll also pass Wilke’s Jewelry, purveyor of fine pieces and more things I can’t play with. I must allow, though, the owners of all these places are very nice and sometimes give out candy.

The last place in Appomattox I’d like to mention is not quite downtown but still within walking distance is called Nina Bell’s Cottage. They carry a range of things from jewelry to home decor, locally made soaps, some furniture and a room full of ladies’ clothing. They, along with many others like Country Charm, can be found at local fairs and festivals like the Farm Girls Vintage Fair and upcoming Merry Market on December 2nd.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Main Streets of Lynchburg and Farmville have more to satisfy your shopping thirst. Steeped in “locavore” and “maker” culture, downtown Lynchburg has so much to delight from the farmers market to dining, shopping to specials events. An easy half hour drive from our door, it’s a great way to spend a day. Another great way is just half an hour in the other direction! While smaller, Farmville offers just as much opportunity for walking and shopping, especially if you like furniture and home accessories. Green Front Furniture┬áis a treasure trove for any home designer. The rug store is Mama’s favorite, but there are fifteen different storefronts to enjoy, all with different styles of furniture.

Well, I guess that encompasses most of my shopping knowledge. I hear the shopping season is nearly upon us, so I hope that you will find some of this useful. There are so many creative people here that you’re sure to find unique items to give away or enjoy for yourself as a reminder of your visit to Appomattox. We hope to see you soon….happy shopping!

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