Seeing the Sights

I was recently blessed with a few days off and some time to visit with family. While they were here, we diligently documented all of our adventures while seeing the sights!

in Appomattox

We started off around Appomattox. I visited Appomattox Court House National Historical Park with my cousins. We went on a living history tour with Miss Emma Hix who told us what living there was like before, during and after the Civil War. Her tales were very interesting and we had to be very careful to keep our speech appropriate to her time so as not to confuse her by saying “I flew here from California” or something like that.

I also went to the Evergreen Lavender Festival with my mama. We ate some great wood-fired pizza, tried some hot sauce and spent time with friends. I also enjoyed going through the caboose shop. Mama got some lavender from Miss Bonnie to use for one of our restaurant’s cocktails and we toured around the fields and buildings.

One of the best days was going out to Holliday Lake State Park. Mama enjoyed laying on the beach and wading in the water while I went down the froggie water slide and kicked around in my starfish floatie. I got a better tan than she did. Daddy and his friends got a boat and went fishing.

Nearby Attractions

For Independence Day, we went to visit the summer home of Daddy’s favorite president, Poplar Forest. Thomas Jefferson used this as a retreat from Monticello when he wanted life to move at a slower pace. We saw some revolutionary era militia, heard a reading of the Declaration of Independence and got to see all kinds of tradesmen set up. We saw women spinning wool and making lace and got to see a blacksmith forging nails. I rode a pony and signed up for the infantry while my cousins dressed up in colonial costumes.

One of most fun places I have seen in our area has to be the Natural Bridge Safari Park. A little over an hour away, it is well worth the drive. There is a three mile drive through section with so many different animals that come right up to your car! I was able to sit in Mama’s lap for the drive since you go so slow. We all bought food for the animals, but watch out for the big ones….they pulled the food buckets out of our hands right away! Even though we had nothing to offer most of them, it was so great to have them so close, although the ostriches and rheas were a little unnerving with their pointy beaks pecking inside the windows.

After the drive-through portion, there is a separate walkabout where you are encouraged to interact with many of the animals like goats, kangaroos and giraffes. This is the most up close and personal I have ever gotten with so many animals and I cannot wait to go back!

Taking a break is great, but of course the time comes when you must return to work. I thought it would be great if one of the first things I did upon coming back was to share all of this with you! I hope the next time you come to stay with us, you will consider one or more of these stops along your trip as each has been delightful in its own way.

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