Looking Ahead….

Now that the holidays are ending, I am looking ahead to what’s coming up this year. There is so much you can use to plan your trip to Appomattox!

A Time of Reflection

It’s a good time of year to look back and forward, reflecting on the year past, joys we’ve shared and losses we’ve suffered and looking ahead to shiny, new plans for the future.

Guilty Pleasures

Do you enjoy the occasional drink? Learn about nearby wineries, breweries and distilleries…a great addition to your trip to central Virginia!

Experience the Holidays

Looking for a way to kick off your holiday season? Check out downtown Appomattox on December 2nd for good food, shopping, music and fun!

Finding Bluegrass in Virginia

Are you a music lover? Bluegrass specifically….because there is plenty to be found in Virginia! Find out about the two nearby festivals and Virginia’s dedicated trail.

Seeing the Sights

I was recently blessed with a few days off and some time to visit with family. While they were here, we diligently documented all of our adventures so as to properly share them with you! We started off around Appomattox. I visited Appomattox Court House National Historical Park with my cousins. We went on a…