The Babcock House Team

A successful business is nothing without a good support system. This is definitely true for us at the Babcock House as our team members are often the first to build a relationship with most of our guests. We want it to be a positive one! Building a good team can be a challenge, but when everyone is working together toward similar goals, we find that each person can thrive and enjoy a dynamic and supportive environment. We are proud of everything they have helped us achieve in our time in Appomattox and thought you might like to get to know them a little bit better.

First Impressions…

20180616_194238Deirdre – Restaurant Manager

Often the first to be seen at the front door, Deirdre has been our front of house manager since spring of 2017. She is also our point of contact for any special events organized here at the inn or off-site. She has done a great job of stepping into this role and becoming an effective ambassador for Chef Charles and his vision for upscale southern cuisine in small-town Appomattox.

I was born in Farmingdale, NJ and have lived in Appomattox for 13 years. My favorite thing on the Spring menu is the Bourbon Glazed Salmon. In my spare time, I like to work on restoring my 1700’s-era farmhouse.

Ian – Server20180621_110424

Hired in spring of 2018, Ian has fallen in with the rest of the team easily. Coming on board during one of the busiest times of the year, he dove eagerly into the swell with an easy charm and affable manner appreciated by locals and visitors alike. He brought to our team a love and knowledge of local beer and the prettiest knees in a pair of short pants you could hope to find in an upscale southern restaurant this side of Lynchburg.

I was born in Virginia Beach and have lived in Appomattox for four months. I love the Shrimp ‘n’ Grits! In my free time, I like to fish, hike, travel and spend time with my wife. I love Appomattox for the history and the people.

Melissa – Server

Our newest server, and a little camera shy, Melissa hit the ground running when she joined our team. Having worked at the Babcock House for the previous owners, she had a good idea of the flow of the restaurant and she got up to speed on Chef Charles’ menu and service style quickly. Knowing most of the locals who walk through the door, her southern manner puts our guests at ease and makes her a great new addition!

Where the Magic Happens…

Zac – Cook

20180621_154026I was born in Appomattox and have lived here all my life. I enjoy eating anything I am cooking and like to work out and play video games in my free time. I love going to Wolfbane shows…Ken is my favorite.

Zac joined us in 2017, quiet at first then began to show an eagerness to take on more challenging tasks. He now handles dinner prep and runs the line on weeknights. He has become a linchpin in the kitchen, taking on new responsibilities as they become available.



 The House and Grounds…

Harry – Groundskeeper

20180622_115614I was born in Caroline County, VA. I have lived in Appomattox for 18 years. My favorite thing on the menu is the Crabcake lunch. In my free time, I sing with my church group, watch sports on TV and travel. My favorite thing to do in Appomattox is volunteering at the Carver Price Cultural Center and attending Railroad Festival each fall.

Harry has been with us as groundskeeper since we purchased the Babcock House in November 2015. He keeps threatening to retire, but it hasn’t happened yet! He does a fantastic job keeping the property looking great, even when we get crazy ideas like tilling up half the yard to plant a vegetable garden. Sometimes I see him walk by it and just stare for a few moments before he goes about his tasks for the day and I just know he’s thinking “What are these crazy kids gonna think of next?”

Warren – Groundskeeper20180622_115456

I was born in Lynchburg, VA and have lived here 16 years. My favorite thing on the menu is the Pulled pork barbecue because the meat is good and the sauce is even better. I like to play football, hunt and fish and I enjoy going to Appomattox High School football games.

Coming to help his grandfather the last several summers, I am surprised Warren didn’t list “pulling weeds” as something he likes to do in his free time because I just know he loves it! Regardless of my sarcasm, he does do a good job under Harry’s careful instruction and watchful eye and we hope he continues to gain valuable experience with us, not just in keeping the grounds but also as a young man in the working world.

Lindsey – Housekeeper

I was born in Newport News and have lived in the area for about two years. I love the history of Appomattox. I enjoy reading, but spend most of my spare time with my kiddos.

Lindsey has been an enthusiastic new member of our team this year. Detail-oriented and eager to help with anything, her exuberant attitude has been a welcome addition as she learns more and more about innkeeping and hospitality. When guests rave about their spotless rooms and being well taken care of, it is most likely Lindsey they have to thank!