The Babcock House Team

A successful business is nothing without a good support system. This is definitely true for us at the Babcock House as our team members are often the first to build a relationship with most of our guests. We want it to be a positive one! Building a good team can be a challenge, but when everyone is working together toward similar goals, we find that each person can thrive and enjoy a dynamic and supportive environment. We are proud of everything they have helped us achieve in our time in Appomattox and thought you might like to get to know them a little bit better.

First Impressions…


Deirdre – Restaurant Manager

Often the first to be seen at the front door, Deirdre has been our front of house manager since spring of 2017. She is also our point of contact for any special events organized here at the inn or off-site. She has done a great job of stepping into this role and becoming an effective ambassador for Chef Charles and his vision for upscale southern cuisine in small-town Appomattox.

I was born in Farmingdale, NJ and have lived in Appomattox for 13 years. My favorite thing on the Spring menu is the Bourbon Glazed Salmon. In my spare time, I like to work on restoring my 1700’s-era farmhouse.

Jessi – Server

She loves our Blackened Catfish Ponchartrain and thinks you should try it. (Just don’t ask her to say it three times fast!)

Jessi is another hometown girl well-known by many of our guests. She has learned so much in the short time she has been here (like…she likes black eyed peas!) and we are so proud of the work she does. When she’s not working, she stays busy with her family.

Kate – Server

Kate has been with us a year now, serving tables on our busy weekend nights. She has been a huge blessing to our team and is always ready to jump in and work hard to give our guests a lovely experience!

Where the Magic Happens..

Dave – Line Cook

One of our most popular lunch items is our Grilled Cheese with house-cured bacon and tomato jam…and this is Dave’s favorite. 

Dave’s positive attitude has been invaluable to us. I’ll never forget the day we were short SIX people and he kept his chin up and kept telling everyone it would be fine…and it was! Dave cooks for you during lunch through the week and Sunday brunch. Toss him a smile through the kitchen window next time you’re here…he certainly gives out more than his share.

Sean – Line Cook

Sean works both lunch and supper and loves the Chicken Biscuit. He has learned a ton since he’s been here and continues to advance steadily in the kitchen. He’s our quiet “big guy”, but I assume loves strolls….somewhere.

Sean, Makayla & Rochelle  – Dishwashers

Makayla & Rochelle are the babies of our team, two young ladies that work together well in the evenings. They like to munch on our hand cut french fries.

Updating this page makes me realize how much our team has grown in the past few months! A year ago, there were some nights and many lunches when we made due without a dishwasher. Now, sometimes we need more than one! Thank you to everyone who gets their hands messy (and break their pretty polished nails) to help us keep our kitchen clean. Without them, we couldn’t continue to put out quality food for you to enjoy.

 The House and Grounds…

Harry – Groundskeeper


I was born in Caroline County, VA. I have lived in Appomattox for 18 years. My favorite thing on the menu is the Crabcake lunch. In my free time, I sing with my church group, watch sports on TV and travel. My favorite thing to do in Appomattox is volunteering at the Carver Price Cultural Center and attending Railroad Festival each fall.

Harry has been with us as groundskeeper since we purchased the Babcock House in November 2015. He keeps threatening to retire, but it hasn’t happened yet! He does a fantastic job keeping the property looking great, even when we get crazy ideas like tilling up half the yard to plant a vegetable garden. Sometimes I see him walk by it and just stare for a few moments before he goes about his tasks for the day and I just know he’s thinking “What are these crazy kids gonna think of next?”

Ezzy – Housekeeper

A new addition to our team, Ezzy hit the ground running with a smile. She works hard to make sure all guest rooms and common areas are sparkling and ready for you to enjoy.