About the Owners

Charles, Talia and Remington have relocated to Appomattox from Hagerstown, MD.12313886_958385737533438_4652302069706453596_nCharles has been working in professional kitchens since he was twelve and has since held every position that restaurants have to offer. Sunny days always draw him to the golf course. Talia left a job in banking to better use her talents in hospitality at the Babcock House. She enjoys reading and crochet. They have a son named Remington and hope to find Appomattox an enriching place in which to raise him. Remy has taken to inn-keeping like a natural, always excited to meet new people and shaking hands when he meets them.  For a two year old, he already shows he has hospitality running through his veins. For his full story, read Innkeeping by Remington.