Making the Most of your Day off

As an innkeeper, I am never guaranteed a day off, much less every week.  So when I see the opportunity for one, I am careful to squeeze every ounce of free time out of it as I can.  This can mean different things.  Often I have chores to perform in the residence upon which I am unable to focus during our working days.  Some days, like yesterday, I am able to devote primarily to some much-needed relaxation.

First, breakfast in bed…

2016-05-27 12.56.34

Then, a leisurely drive after a trip to the barber’s and home for a nap.

2016-02-04 17.02.33-2

I do not have frequent opportunities to cook through the week, so I decided I would try out a few new recipes.  People kept offering suggestions like “That soup won’t cook very well on the floor.” and “Those cupcakes are going to put you into a diabetic coma.”, but I was very happy with the end results.

At the end of it all, could I really call it a productive day?  No, aside from the mustachio trim, I achieved little.  But I believe the effort expended on doing not much of anything is, for me, well worth the….effort.

2016-01-13 16.41.41-1

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